Director: Yamada Toyofumi


Yamada Toyofumi
Yamada Toyofumi

Founder and Director of Kyorin Preventive Medicine Institute / Chairperson of the Japan Association of Lipid Nutrition for Infants (JALNI)

Initially, Yamada Toyofumi discovered a nutritional therapy that does not rely on medicine and, rather, enhances innate human abilities to mitigate symptoms. Having experienced overcoming his own illness, Yamada was inspired by the theory of orthomolecular medicine advocated by Dr. Linus Pauling. After studying mineral nutrition and hair mineral analysis at Doctor's Data, Inc. in the United States, he was certified as an instructor by the clinical laboratory.

In 1984, Yamada was at the forefront of the use of hair mineral analysis tests in Japan; he introduced this preventive medicine screening technique before it was available at other institutes.


Early in his career, Yamada focused on natural, health-promoting treatments using juice, such as Gerson therapy, which is well known as a cancer treatment in the United States. After conducting extensive research on these treatments’ effects, he established his unique fasting program, “Yamada-style Mineral Fasting,” based on the preventive medicine theory. He drew a clear line between his program and those aimed simply at losing weight; Yamada-style Mineral Fasting is a comprehensive method of managing beauty and health that continues to be utilized by many practitioners.

Yamada has also incorporated his method into physical conditioning programs for athletes and celebrities. This new system has achieved significant results, and prominent figures in various fields have highly acclaimed his method.

In addition, Yamada has served as a member of several societies, including the Japanese Society for Magnesium Research, Japan Society for Biomedical Research on Trace Elements, the Vitamin Society of Japan, and Japan Society for Bioscience, Biotechnology, and Agrochemistry. He also further studied micronutrients such as minerals and vitamins.

Based on these studies, Yamada identified severe deficiencies of minerals, metabolic abnormalities, and the resulting degeneration of cells and cell functions as the problems underlying disease and decreased physical strength among the present-day Japanese. To deal with these foundational issues, Yamada initiated activities as the Kyorin Preventive Medicine Institute in 1985 to share new preventive medicine knowledge and techniques, primarily with doctors, healthcare workers, and nutrition students.

Emphasizing the concept of “balanced nutrition,” he highlights the importance of appropriately supplementing minerals and vitamins in our diets. Additionally, he advocates for “selective nutrition” that is a mindful approach, focusing on eliminating unnecessary or harmful substances from what we consume. This perspective led him to the realization that “Fasting”, or deliberate abstention from eating, plays a crucial role in maintaining our health. His innovative approach in this area has greatly influenced the popularity of “Fasting” in Japan, where he continues his dedicated research.

As he advanced his research in orthomolecular medicine, molecular biology, and cell biology, Yamada created and advocated “Cellular Environmental Design.” He expresses its most basic concept in the following statement: “anyone can live a healthy life when the environments of cells are prepared in all aspects.” Yamada has clarified for legions of people what preventive and therapeutic medicine should be. In 2013, Yamada established Kyorin Academy. He continues to be committed to cultivating human resources for the promotion of Cellular Environmental Design across Japan through various courses in which he serves as a lecturer.

In 2018, Yamada inaugurated the Japan Association of Lipid Nutrition for Infants (JALNI), which became a general incorporated association in 2019. In 2022, it changed its name to Japan Association of Life-giving Nurture of Infants and has engaged in a wide range of activities throughout the nation for children’s sound development.



The foremost pioneer in popularizing fasting to Japan:

Yamada was one of the first to recognize the health benefits of vegetable juices, such as the Gerson therapy, well-known in the United States as a cancer treatment method. Following extensive research on these effects, Yamada pioneered the introduction of a structured fasting program in Japan, which was a novel concept at the time. This program, featuring a special fermented beverage, includes a warm-up period, a fasting period, and a refeeding period. Fasting, previously perceived primarily as a religious or ascetic practice, was not widely popular. Yamada elevated fasting to a scientifically-backed health practice, firmly establishing the concept of “fasting” in the public consciousness and paving the way for its wider acceptance.

Building upon his initial emphasis on the nutrient magnesium, he developed his unique theory, which enhances the effectiveness of fasting by incorporating magnesium supplementation during the fasting period. Considering the modern lifestyle, he identified three key nutrients to focus on during fasting: magnesium, carnitine, and MSM, collectively termed as the “Three Sacred Treasures of Fasting.” While working on improving overall lifestyle habits, he has been actively pursuing the maintenance and enhancement of both physical and mental health. His pioneering efforts led to the establishment and promotion of the “Yamada-style mineral fasting” a comprehensive health program. Positioned it as a total health package, he continues to strive for its wider adoption, renowned for its safety and effectiveness.

Up until now, many prominent figures from various fields and athletes, have adopted this program as part of their health management and conditioning routines, including Mr. Antonio Inoki, Mr. Mikawa Kenichi, Mr. Ochiai Hiromitsu, Former Yokozuna Hakuho (Miyagino oyakata), Ms. Yokomine Sakura, Mr. Tsutsugo Yoshitomo, and Mr. Kubozuka Yosuke (in no particular order). The program has achieved remarkable results and garnered widespread support.

Furthermore, through interviews and appearances in various media such as television, newspapers, magazines, and the internet, as well as through publications and supervised books, and even introducing the program into accommodation plans at city and resort hotels, Yamada has extensively and widely introduced the “Yamada-style mineral fasting” to the public and continues to advocate the significance and importance of “not eating” to all modern people.

Cellular Environmental Design

Our body is composed of tens of trillions of cells. The systems that comprise the body are broadly divided into the skeletal, muscular, nervous, circulatory, and endocrine systems. Cells within each system are specialized according to the system’s functions. These cells, which can be of approximately 200 different types, may differ in shape, size, and role, but all share the same basic structure and mechanism.

One cell, in itself, is a precious living organism; it performs activities to maintain life within itself. When many cells work together, bones, muscles, nerves, blood vessels, and internal organs can thoroughly perform their functions. As a composite of these cells, we humans are unaware of what each cell needs at any given moment—but the cells of our body do know. Cells always “communicate” with each other through the substances they produce.

A cell of approximately 1/100th of a millimeter in size has a nucleus of about 6/1000th of a millimeter in diameter. In the nucleus, DNA, which is only approximately 2/1000000th of a millimeter wide but 1.8 meters long, is stored. Various biological activities are performed based on genetic information coming from the DNA. This is why people liken the wondrous and mysterious world of cells to a microcosm.

The activities performed by cells to maintain life are very complex and precise. It is a level of complexity impossible for us, humans, to replicate. This is why only cells, not doctors or medicines, can prevent or cure our physical and mental disorders. Cells interact and discuss both the problems occurring within them and the ways to regain their proper vital activities. This is how they create their own solutions.

What we must do is prepare favorable environments in which cells can function with ease. No matter which cells in which parts of the body, they all share the same preference for comfortable environments. As long as a favorable environment is maintained, each cell will fully and properly perform its role.

Each cell performs astonishing functions. Cellular Environmental Design is the study of maximizing the cell’s ability to express its potential. If a person is healthy as a result of his or her entire cellular make-up becoming vitalized, that person can prevent all types of physical and mental health problems before they occur. Even when a health issue arises, it can be improved through the actions of healthy cells.

All a person needs to do is prepare favorable environments for cells, allowing the cells to work. The cells will perform exquisitely. This is the principle and essence of Cellular Environmental Design.



Mr. Yamada has lectured prolifically to various professional baseball teams and the boards of education of many cities, as well as at schools, companies, business organizations, etc. Offering healthcare consulting with actionable and validated information, he is committed to helping clients succeed and has achieved significant results. His clients include professional sports players, executives, and celebrities.

Past Lectures
・Presented lectures aimed at professional baseball teams at the baseball training camp, including YOMIURI GIANTS, Osaka Kintetsu Buffaloes (currently ORIX Buffaloes), Saitama Seibu Lions, Fukuoka SoftBank HAWKS. Participants were players, staff, and their family members.
・Gave lectures on “Mineral Nutrition” at Kurashiki University of Science and The Arts.
・Gave lectures on “Mineral Nutrition” at Hanazono International Beauty College.

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